English to Polish & Polish to English Translator

Why Core Syntax? Text is a sequence of short units that are connected gramatically and semantically, which has been best explained by such renowned linguists as N. Chomsky (Syntactic Structures), S. Pinker, H. Borer or D. Adger (Core Syntax). Given that there are so many applications to translation, I feel priviliged that I am able to demonstrate awareness of their concepts and appply them in my translations, thus the name of the website.

Why me? I can offer an in-depth, insightful and analytical translation into the target language by taking care of underlying issues such as cultural differences, individual input, discourse analysis or syntactic incompatibility between languages. I offer my service to those professionals who pay attention to detail, expect the translation to be of the highest standard - devoid of detrimental to all parties involved inaccuracies and semantic gaps - and who strive to respectfully come accross the needs of those who are to read their text in translation.

Among others, I have translated doctors' reports and statements, psychologists' reports, witness statements, affidavits, conference minutes, social workers' reports, independent social workers' reports (CPC, CPRC, CIN), as well as correspondence between local authorities/agencies and individuals during legal procedures/intervention.To this, I have widely translated brochures, web pages and guidebooks for NHS and local authorities.


Confidentiality and impartiality are guaranteed. I also have an up to date enhanced DBS certificate. If you need to translate to Polish/English, I am the translator to ascertain that high-quality work is delivered on time.

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Świadczę usługi translatorskie zarówno dla klientów instytucjonalnych, jak i osób prywatnych w między innymi takich dziedzinach, jak edukacja, językoznawstwo, prawo - w tym prawo rodzinne i kryminalne - opieka społeczna, służba zdrowia.

Zapewniam profesjonalną obsługę, rzetelność i tłumaczenie na najwyższym poziomie w najlepszej cenie.

Istnieje możliwość przesłania dokumentów przez internet. Na życzenie wysyłam dokumenty pod wskazany adres. Jestem w stałym kontakcie z klientem i zawsze powiadamiam o realizacji zlecenia.



Janusz Baginski

Language Teacher (QTS) & Int./Translator (DPSI)

King's College London (MA- Applied Linguistics)

University of Wroclaw (MA- Polish)

Queen Mary, University of London (BA- English & Linguistics)